About us

The Mobile Masterminds community began two years ago as an initiative by the Entravision and Smadex team to invite leading mobile marketers to share their expertise in a series of intimate gatherings of industry professionals. After many successful experiences shared and events hosted around the globe, the Mobile Masterminds Sessions were ready to go to the next level and launched its online community.

At its core, the Mobile Masterminds community aims to offer stripped-down, actionable insight sharing and a sense of community. The up-to-date opinion pieces aim to provide answers to the question mobile marketers ask themselves a hundred times a day, aka-

“What are other app marketers doing to overcome the challenges I am facing?”

If you are a mobile marketer and you are inspired to contribute, get in touch with the Mobile Masterminds content editor and we can give you more information on how to share your insights and get featured. Subscribe to the site to get content updates, and if you are feeling inspired get in touch to contribute, and thank for your time!