Arturo Camargo, Head of Growth at Headway

The Mobile Masterminds are a growing group of dynamic marketers from all over the world. Each busy professional takes the time to contribute their insights and perspectives to help others navigate the important topics in the industry. We had the chance to get to know one of our first and most prolific Mobile Mastermind contributors, Arturo Camargo, who is the Head of Growth in LATAM at Headway. Below is a glimpse into the much larger story of a passionate self-educating, chronically curious, growth marketer.

Influencer marketing for apps: how leading marketers are building their strategies

In the last year and a half, influencer marketing for apps has transitioned from a trending topic to a must-have performance marketing channel. The early adopters have been tinkering, and the results indicate there are a lot of opportunities. A CivicScience study found that among daily social media users, 23% to 34% of users had been influenced to make a purchase by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. 

Attribution Strategies: Who’s using what and why

Figuring out the most beneficial attribution strategy is as much a technical challenge as it is an intuitive one. Marketers have to find the right tools to accurately track conversions across the many different marketing channels available as well as know which of the 11 attribution models to implement on each channel in order to pinpoint and reveal the most important user behaviors in their user’s often complex conversion journeys.

The must-read mobile app marketing resources for insight and inspiration

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill;  the willingness to learn is a choice.” In the same spirit as the very Instagramable quote from Brian Herbert (the co-creator of the popular sci-fi Dune series), this article is all about how marketers can get inspired to make the choice to continue to learn every day. Today is the perfect day to find new mobile marketing resources, get some new books, join a fresh newsletter, and surround yourself with industry thought leaders to turn 2019 into your best year yet!

7 experts share the best ASO strategies that improve App store rank

Most of us will never have to worry about trying to outrank Pandora, LINE or Netflix on the list of the top companies of all time in the Google Play store. But even if you don’t have limitless marketing dollars to jostle for the absolute top spot, good marketers know that app rank is a lot more than a way to flex on the competition. App store position is critical for the visibility of your app and decides to a large extent how many new users you can obtain from organic searches.

App-y New Year! Top mobile marketers explore the next big things for 2019

It’s looking like it’s going to be a very Happy New Year for app marketing in 2019. This past year U.S. digital revenues grew by 23%, to $49.5 billion, which according to IAB’s annual report, means the industry might surpass $100 billion annual revenue for the first time ever by the close of 2018. By all accounts, mobile is the industry’s jet fuel. Mobile video on its own, accounted for the majority of video ad revenue this year, at $4.2 billion, up 60.5% from the previous year.