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Arturo Camargo, Head of Growth at Headway

The Mobile Masterminds are a growing group of dynamic marketers from all over the world. Each busy professional takes the time to contribute their insights and perspectives to help others navigate the important topics in the industry. We had the chance to get to know one of our first and most prolific Mobile Mastermind contributors, Arturo Camargo, who is the Head of Growth in LATAM at Headway. Below is a glimpse into the much larger story of a passionate self-educating, chronically curious, growth marketer.

Influencer marketing for apps: how leading marketers are building their strategies

In the last year and a half, influencer marketing for apps has transitioned from a trending topic to a must-have performance marketing channel. The early adopters have been tinkering, and the results indicate there are a lot of opportunities. A CivicScience study found that among daily social media users, 23% to 34% of users had been influenced to make a purchase by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.