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Anna Juan Sala, Marketing Manager at Scoot Networks

Anna Juan Sala is the Marketing Manager at Scoot Networks and a frequent contributor to the Mobile Masterminds community. Specialized in the competitive and exciting world of transport apps, Anna spoke with us about her start in the industry and granted a glimpse into life at Scoot, their outlook and where they are heading.  

Where are you from and where are you living these days?

As my whole family, I was born and raised in Ibiza. I moved to Barcelona when I was 18 to study Marketing and Public Relations. After my university studies, I found a job and decided to stay. Barcelona is an awesome city with a great combination of leisure activities, professional opportunities, and most importantly, I’m close to the sea. I miss Ibiza, but it’s really close so I usually make a visit once a month to charge my batteries.

How did you end up in the mobile industry?

It’s a funny story: When I ended my degree in Marketing and PR I started looking for an internship, and I got an interview with Avancar (Zipcar). At the end of the process, I was notified that I didn’t get the job and went home to Ibiza. Two weeks after, they called me again offering me the position, so I took a flight from Ibiza the morning after and started my internship. The best part? The person that was running the marketing department left 4 days after I joined, leaving me with brief training and alone for almost 3 months. It was a very challenging experience but a great opportunity to grow super fast.

That’s a pretty rough start but it is great it all worked out! So how did you end up working at Scoot?

Just two years after my start at Avancar, where I joined as a Trainee, I was the head of Marketing. It was an incredible journey of professional and personal growth. Then the Scoot opportunity came and the offer to be head of Marketing and Growth for a new motosharing company sounded like a dream to me. Launching a brand from 0 has been my greatest challenge to this day.

What does Scoot do and why is it special?

Scoot is an electric shared mobility service. We provide a multimodal fleet of electric vehicles that users can locate and ride across the city. All from our App that integrates the whole experience (locate vehicles, turn them on and off, payment…)

Scoot it’s special because it’s the first mobility service to be multimodal; this means we have different types of electric vehicles, as we believe that people have different mobility needs.

We also believe in collaborative planning and enjoyable cities; meaning that we always collaborate with governments and authorities in the cities where we operate to contribute to happier cities, meaning less congestion, less pollution, etc.

What are the biggest challenges you currently face at Scoot?

Working at a Startup is intense, but I would dare to say that working at mobility startup doubles the intensity! We face challenges every day, but the biggest for me is keeping up with a very fast-paced sector where things change drastically from one month to the next. There is a constant fight to stay relevant and catch the attention of existing and potential customers in a very competitive environment.

At Scoot, we think that user experience is the key to overcoming these challenges and that’s why we put all our focus and efforts on creating an unforgettable experience and building a brand that truly speaks to our customers by being real and local.

What is your favorite area of mobile marketing?

I’m a marketing generalist, I like to touch a little bit of everything so I can fully understand the bigger picture and build strategies. I like to get out of my comfort zone, so I’m happy touching a little bit of everything.  The two aspects I enjoy the most about marketing is the brainstorming phase, where I can let out my creative self, and the analyzing phase after the campaigns.

What are the most important paid and organic channels for Scoot and why do you think they work well for attracting new users to your app?

I would say that our referral program is the star of the organic installs, whereas Google Universal Campaigns and Instagram rock the paid acquisition.

What are your favorite tools you use in your professional life?

Looker (data analysis tool) is my second brain. I love playing with it to discover new insights about our users. I also use Asana a lot to coordinate projects and tasks with my team and other teams in Barcelona or other cities such as San Francisco. I am a bit of a planning freak and I also have a traditional planner where I keep a written record of all the stuff that I need to do.

Where do you see Scoot in a few years, what do you think the app has in store?

I see Scoot growing a lot in the years to come, not only in Barcelona, but worldwide. As I said, mobility sector changes at a very fast pace and I see a trend towards multimodality; where users will be able to move on demand, and with different types of vehicles depending on their needs. To me, the future of mobility will be shared and electric, and I’m sure Scoot will play a big part in that.

Launching your app into a new market is no easy task. One year ago, Scoot made the leap from San Francisco to Barcelona following a hyperlocal approach.


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