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Lorenzo Rossi, Head of Marketing at Free2Move

Lorenzo Rossi is many things, including a charismatic conversationalist, a Mobile Masterminds contributor, and the Head of Marketing at Free2Move. We picked his brain to uncover a bit of his fascinating journey through the mobile app industry and learn from the insight he has gathered while working in dating, shopping, and most recently, transport, at the leading aggregator app for car, bike and scooter sharing services.

Arturo Camargo, Head of Growth at Headway

The Mobile Masterminds are a growing group of dynamic marketers from all over the world. Each busy professional takes the time to contribute their insights and perspectives to help others navigate the important topics in the industry. We had the chance to get to know one of our first and most prolific Mobile Mastermind contributors, Arturo Camargo, who is the Head of Growth in LATAM at Headway. Below is a glimpse into the much larger story of a passionate self-educating, chronically curious, growth marketer.